Meet Me Half Way

Meet Me Half Way

Part 1: SIGNS

2:27 am

3151: Georgia, Hiw observatory

The observatory Hiw in Atlanta registered unnatural anomalies around the 1,3 parsec distanced planet Proxima Centauri. Several temperature changes.
Prof. Tony Wesd saw this five minutes later. Too late. On the screen, an image was displayed.
"Zoom in!" sayed Tony Wesd. The picture enlarged, without changing the resolution. Slowly, he realized the difference between two hours ago and now: Thirteen quadrangles with a beveled front, circled around the planet Proxima Centauri.
"Closer!" And Tony goggled. Did he dream? These are ships! Spaceships! Clearly they do not belong to the earthly force.
"Computer, are..."
"Negative, Sir." The computer had enough AI, more precisely an IQ of 16.4, to know, what Tony was going to say. "These are no ships of our fleet. But these are ships."
"Notify the military. Or someone suitable for it." The professor left the room.



2:27 am

5131: Nevada, ASF basis


The american fleet, ASF - American Space Fleet, was in charge of controlling the earthorbit. The headquarter was hidden in the Mojave Desert. It consisted of a rockshaped building and many tunnels and rooms underneath. Each ship pilot of the ASF had his own office here.
Among others Gen. Maj. John Brannar, the owner and captain of the ASF Bender.
A woman came into his office. "John, look at that!"
She threw an envelope on the table.
John Brannar took out some picctures. "What is that, where is that?"
"Proxima Centauri, constellation Centaurus, from the Hiw observatory. How about a "Hello"?" replied the woman.
"Do you call that a joke? Foreign ships? Aliens?
John thought. "How big is our fleet?"
"The whole fleet? 732 Ships. Tomorrow we take wing. 5:35 pm. Position IIV - 3I." Answered the woman, and left the room.



5:31 pm

3151: IIV - 3I

All ships had arrived.
"Communication CH2." Gen. Maj. John Brannar waited until all lights on the control panel in a bright green glowed.
"Sir, all ships online." Driveled the airborne computer.
"Good," Said John and sat down on his pilot seat. "set course on Proxima Centauri."
He looked out of the window and saw large and small spaceships, they set in motion.
"How long does the flight take?" Johns stomach crawled. "What´s for dinner?"
Apparently the computer hasn´t enough main memory, to process several questions.
"Major, we get visitors."
John looked on the screen and was shocked: How did these aliens come so close? Two minutes ago they were removed 1,3 parsec. And now just 0,03 light-years!


Gen. Maj. John Brannar and the rest of the fleet boot up their shield. The weapons always aimed at the foreigners. 
The aliens opened fire. 

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